Heather, Owner of IM Possible Personal Training

Heather Lachance


Heather Lachance ​Is a graduate of the National Academy of Sports Medicine where she also holds her certification as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Furthermore she is certified as a Women’s Fitness Specialist, Youth Fitness Specialist and First Aid-CPR-AED. In 2009, Heather obtained her Bachelors of Art in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Health Science from Keene State College In New Hampshire.

Heather has owned and operated IMPossible Personal Training since 2012 where she has worked with women, men, children of all ages, shapes, and sizes. In 2013, Heather helped build FitCo Kids LLC from the ground up offering functional movement classes and nutritional guidance to children of all ages. In 2014, Heather took on the role of Director of Personal Training at Crunch Fitness in Oakland Park Florida. In 2015, Heather moved across the world to become the Strength and Conditioning Coach and Assistant Athletic Director at Kings College in New Zealand . Heather has recently moved to the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg where she is practicing in Home Personal Training.

Personal training in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Fitness coaching, workouts, cardio, gym, weight loss

Roger Montenegro


Roger Montenegro is a Cum Laude graduate of the University of Florida where he earned his Degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology with a Minor in Business Administration in 2012. He holds a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) degree from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Over the years Roger has dedicated himself to the Strength & Conditioning Department of Olympic Sports at Florida Atlantic University and the NFL, NBA, MLB and youth athletes at Bommaritos Performance Systems. In 2013, he worked as a Strength Coach for St. Thomas Aquinas High School Water Polo, aiding the team in earning their first ever state title.

In 2014, Roger moved across the world to work in Kuwait City, Kuwait as an Athletic Performance Coach for Spark Athletic. In 2015, Roger trained clients from many backgrounds at Crunch Fitness in Oakland Park Florida. In 2016, Roger moved to New Zealand to become the Head Swim Coach and Strength Coach at Kings College in Auckland. Roger has recently moved to the seaside city of Saint Petersburg where he practices Coaching and Personal Training. Apart from personal training, Roger currently works with Performance Science in professional baseball and Fitter & Faster Swim Tour, working with Olympians and the youth in the community to become better swimmers.

A certified swim coach, lifeguard, and First Aid-CPR-AED, Roger has been involved in aquatic sports for 15+ years.

Personal training in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Fitness coaching, workouts, cardio, gym, weight loss



Tootsie is an experienced tail wager and kiss giver. She will greet you at the door with love and affection and make sure to tell you to work hard in your workouts if she sees you slacking. If you get lucky, she might make you do her version of “cardio.”


“Since day one of training with Heather she has made me feel special. Heather is extremely positive and was always so incredibly encouraging. Heather’s demeanor and outlook on life is beautiful and I’m so thankful our paths crossed! Heather has changed my outlook on life and I am forever grateful that I was able to learn and grow from my experience training with her.”

Chelsey MSouthern Pines, North Carolina

“My favorite personal trainer. Heather is so up beat that you just can't help but smile and laugh during your workout. Her anatomical knowledge is impressive and she is incredibly responsive to her clients needs.”

Angela CAuckland, New Zealand

“Roger was my personal trainer at SPARK Kuwait. Let me start by saying that as a trainer, he was great, but more importantly, as a person, he was even better. Being an athlete who happens to go to the gym for strength and endurance to help me with my sport, Roger took the time to understand my sport, seek out my strengths and weaknesses and develop a program that fits my needs. The exercises were very new to me, and he was great in demonstrating the importance of such exercises along with teaching me how to do them. I would highly recommend Roger as trainer: he knows what he is doing and he cares about his clients.”

Eisa AKuwait City, Kuwait

“Roger is the best trainer I've ever had. I'm not a muscle or gym guy at all but I've tried to keep up with the gym over the years and had many so called trainers work with me. Roger is the first trainer who actually saw ME and watched ME as I worked out. He tailored my workout to my weaknesses even adapting "normal" exercises to improve my posture, movements and range to bring me to the correct position. As an example. when he saw one of my heels consistently coming up off the floor during squats, he created some exercises that slowly help remove that weakness. Patient and very focused on the individual I definitely would recommend Roger.”

Chris BFort Lauderdale, Florida